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Having worked in several facets of healthcare, it is apparent that a team approach is the most effective, for not only improved patient outcomes, but for the well-being of the staff.

I have been a part of some extraordinary teams. What made them extraordinary? No matter what came our way, we collaborated, worked efficiently, had the same goals, and supported each other. As per the military motto, “No man left behind.”

Why is this so important? We know that there are staffing shortages in health care and some days it feels like the burden is overwhelming. I have experienced severe staffing shortages, including a blizzard and flood that caused the teams to remain in the facility for a couple of days. We made it work. Every one of us completed tasks that “weren’t our job”, which is what made us successful. The common goal was the safety of our patients/residents and we would all do anything, and everything, we had to in order for them to remain safe. The teams were small, but mighty.

Teamwork makes our jobs easier, and at the end of a long shift, there is a sense of accomplishment. Over the years, my bosses have told me, “You don’t have to be friends, just teammates.” They were right. Even those who I didn’t spend time with outside of work or have the same interests with, were part of my team and we were successful. Let’s all commit to leaving no team member behind!

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