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Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Whether it is personal or professional growth, we all need to have a network to increase chances of success. There are several options to grow a network with like-minded others. We will discuss a few options to expand a network in healthcare.

  • Professional organizations.

    • There are hundreds of professional organizations that focus on specific disciplines in healthcare. It is good practice to research an organization prior to joining, thinking of the following:

      • Do they offer education?

      • Is what they offer beneficial to my personal or professional growth?

      • Do they provide updates on important, essential information?

  • Consultants.

    • There are clinical consultants throughout the country. It is good practice to meet with the consulting team prior to making any commitments to ensure it is a good fit.

    • Take a look at consulting firm websites. Some of the firms have blogs, links to updates, and other options that are free to utilize.

  • Social media.

    • Did you know that there are thousands of social media pages available for healthcare professionals? Most professional organizations have a social media page and offer updates, quick guides, and alerts.

    • There are groups available on social media for various disciplines for those throughout the country dealing with similar circumstances to pose a question, offer options, share tools, and have open discussions to help each other.

  • Conferences and seminars.

    • The best networking occurs when individuals gather together to meet, collaborate, and learn. Understandably, it can be quite difficult for employees to leave their facility to attend, and particularly due to the PHE, many organizations offer remote options. Although it is not the same to be in remote locations rather than face-to-face, utilizing a platform to its fullest capacity can still offer a good networking system.

No one can keep up with all of the changes, updates, and challenges alone. Whether it is a corporation, independently-owned facility, or just an individual wanting to learn and grow, there are options available. Healthcare professionals have a desire to help others, including other professionals, and we are all one expansive team.

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